Trade Up

U.S. Kids Golf allows you to trade-in your old clubs for credit to be used on our website to get your old clubs out of the garage and start saving.

The Specifics

Eligible Clubs
  • Only U.S. Kids Golf Tour Series, Ultralight, Ladylight, Ultralight for Women, and Yard Club products are eligible for return. A minimum of 4 clubs is required for us to send a FedEx Shipping label to you.

Club Value
  • Tour Series 3 or Tour Series 5 = $7.00 Value (Only clubheads with the markings TS3 or TS5)
  • Ultralight = $5.00 Value (Only clubheads with these markings: WT)
  • Yard Club, Ladylight, and Ultralight for Women= $5.00 Value

  • All TradeUp credits will be issued as a promo code for use on
  • All clubs must be in good condition with reasonable wear and tear to receive credit. PLEASE NOTE: Clubs that rattle or are dented, have rock chips, or have any non-factory alterations other than grips will not be eligible for return.
  • U.S. Kids Golf covers the cost of the return shipping with a 4-club minimum.
  • Any clubs received that are not considered in reasonable condition will not receive credit.
  • Valid only in the continental United States.

Non-eligible Products

Carry or stand bags are non-returnable. Please donate to a charity or junior program near you.

Start your TradeUP HERE.

A customer service team member will contact you after receiving your TradeUP form.